NSTS Fertiliser Spreader Testing

Whether fertilising crops, greens or courses, the best results are achieved when the spread pattern is as even as possible.
We now operate under the new NSTS Fertiliser Spreader Testing Scheme which means all NSTS tests are subject to a £26 fee for NSTS certification.
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Four parts to every tray test


MOT-Style Test

A thorough examination of the machine and all working parts to ensure it’s working correctly before the tray test.


Fertiliser Analysis

A check of the fertilisers characteristics including bulk density, strength and size.


Tray Test

Adjustment of the spreader set up will be made to ensure the best pattern possible is achieved.


NSTS Report

All the test data is captured on the engineers iPad and the C of V calculated. Where initial tests show inaccurate applications an estimated financial loss is provided. The final report detailing all of the findings can then be kept on file and meets assurance scheme standards.