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NSTS Slug Pelleter Testing

NSTS testing of slug pellet applicators is a requirement of both law & farm assurance. The machine must be NSTS tested by its fifth birthday then every six years. SCS operates under the national slug pelleter testing scheme, part of the NSTS. This keeps the assurance inspector happy but means all tests are subject to a £27 NSTS certification fee.

Four parts to every tray test


MOT-Style Test

A thorough examination of the machine and all working parts to ensure it’s working correctly before the tray test.


Pellet Analysis

A check of the pellet characteristics including bulk density, strength and size.


Tray Test

The spread pattern is assessed by driving through a set of trays with the pelleter running, the pellets are then counted and the number each side recorded. The NSTS allows 15% difference between each side of the spreader. Additional to the NSTS test, SCS will ensure the pellets are distributed evenly across the whole width either side. Adjustment of the spreader set up will be made to ensure the best pattern possible is achieved.


NSTS Report

All the test data is captured on the engineers iPad including the number of pellets counted at each metre of the spread width. The final report detailing all of the findings is emailed to the owner and uploaded to the NSTS scheme database. SCS reports meet assurance scheme standards.