SCS Services

For over 40 years SCS has been the UK's main testing providers. Manufacturers, importers and farmers alike reap the benefits from our many services. See what SCS can do for you.

NSTS Fertiliser Spreader Test

SCS engineers test with trays spaced every metre, the most comprehensive test method which ensures accuracy across the whole spread width.

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NSTS Slug Pelleter Test

NSTS testing is now a legal requirement whether using a pelleter, fert spreader or spout type to apply pellets.

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NSTS Granular Applicator Test

With legal & assurance requirements ranging from annual testing to every six years, speak to the experts.

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NSTS Sprayer Test

Competitive rates paired with engineers who are kept up to date with the latest NSTS standards, this is why you should use us.

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SCS Fertiliser and Slug Pellet Trials

We have a range of the most popular spreaders and pelleters on-site for trials work.

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SCS Training Courses and Demonstrations

SCS BASIS/ FACTS approved courses are popular with advisors, agronomists and operators. We carry out testing demonstrations for the likes of Frontier, Origin and various water companies/ catchment groups.

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