Our Testing Services

We have been the most respected testers for spreaders in the UK for a long time, with our reputation in testing Sprayers, Slug Pelleters and Granular Applicators constantly rising.
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NSTS Fertiliser Spreader Test

The UK’s most respected spreader testers, we have set the standard for the last 25 years with 200 combined years’ experience between the team.

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NSTS Sprayer Test

Competitive rates paired with engineers who are kept up to date with the latest NSTS standards, this is why you should use us.

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NSTS Slug Pelleter Test

We helped MSG understand pellet application to enable best advice for operators. Learn more and book by clicking below.

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NSTS Granular Applicator Test

We work with leading manufacturers making sure our engineers receive the best training in the UK. We offer both NSTS and SCS granular applicator tests.

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